Tried symlink/mklink - now riddled with "Access is denied

Feb 12, 2017 windows - Symbolic or hard link to UNC path: logon failure C:\somepath> mklink /D Backups \\servername\Backups C:\somepath> cd Backups Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password Creates the link fine, but there's permissions issue on access. But, I can open explorer and navigate to that folder just fine via the link. A … Symbolic Links, Hard Links and Directory Junctions in mklink /j "c:\users\winaero\desktop\directory junction" "c:\users\winaero\desktop\winaero" It has no visual difference from a directory symbolic link in File Explorer, so you cannot tell if it is a directory junction or a directory symbolic link: The only way to find the type of the link is to use the console dir command. Open a new command

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Oct 11, 2016

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