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I have an ipad air 2 and a apple-TV hooked up to my TV. Without a wifi-router, i'd like to stream a movie to the apple-TV. It works with my iphone, if i use the personal hotspot an have apple-TV set up accordingly. Now i'd like to do the same with my ipad. Why Apple’s Personal Hotspot Is a Good Idea—and How to Use A hotspot icon appears in the iPad’s status bar, at the upper left of the screen. While tethering, it’s fine to use your iPhone for other tasks—you don’t have to leave the Personal Hotspot screen active. It’s also fine if your iPhone goes to sleep. Using iPad as hotspot vs MiFi | MacRumors Forums

Jul 24, 2020

How do I use my iPad Pro as a hotspot - Apple Community Nov 02, 2017 How Set Up Personal Mobile Hotspot On iPad - MacTip Reasons to use your iPad as a Hotspot. Using the data connection on an LTE enabled iPad, you will be able to create a mobile hotspot that provides internet access. All devices that run iOS8 will have this feature built into them. If you have a shared data plan, it does not …

How to use my Apple iPad as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot

Connect iPhone, iPod touch, or another iPad to your Personal Hotspot. On the other device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, then choose your iPad from the list of available networks. If asked for a password on the other device, enter the password shown in Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot on your iPad. How to use my Apple iPad as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot Images may not be exactly as shown. You can use your Apple iPad as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This lets you share your iPad data connection with other devices via Wi-Fi. When other devices use your Wi-Fi hotspot, they use data from your mobile service. How to Create a Personal Wi Fi Hotspot for an iPad from an Sep 14, 2018